Proteins and Strains

Watch out myBIOS’ protein production service and strain collection.

Need a recombinant protein?

We offer fee for service projects to produce tailored proteins for research and commercial use based on your needs.

Make use of our protein production service.

Expression hosts: Pichia pastoris, Hansenula polymorpha

  • Strategy development (promoter, strain, targeting…)
  • Codon optimization
  • Expression strain generation
  • Cultivation and screening
  • Protein delivery from 500 ml broth
  • Turn-around time 8-12 weeks
  • Purification on request


Contact us to discuss the specifics of your protein.

Protein Service Options

SIMPLE package

Strain development for 1 protein/enzyme
Feasibility for secretion: High

€ starting from 15 k*

*Costs/turnaround time depend on the protein of interest and the estimated workload. SIMPLE package includes protein delivery from 500 ml broth, but not the strain itself. Strains can be purchased for research and commercial use. Prices do not include VAT. No resale of products. 




Recombinants - Strain collection

Get your own production strain for research or commercial use from our strain collection.

PURCHASE strains for:

Research use* – 5 k € non-exclusive
Commercial use** – 15 k € non-exclusive

Request a free protein sample!

*For non-profit organizations only **IP restrictions for commercial use of target proteins might apply. NO RESALE.


Strain number Background strain Strain name Promoter Antibiotic resistance Protein product Expression level
#1 Komagataella phaffii SARS-COV2-RBD CAT (methanol inducible) ZeoR secreted 50 (mg/L)
#2 Komagataella phaffii Proteinase K CAT (methanol inducible) ZeoR secreted NEW (mg/L)
#3 Komagataella phaffii Endo H CAT (methanol inducible) ZeoR secreted In development (mg/L)
#4 Komagataella phaffii HRP CAT (methanol inducible) ZeoR secreted 10 (mg/L)
#5 Komagataella phaffii SpG-HRP CAT (methanol inducible) ZeoR secreted 10 (mg/L)
#6 Komagataella phaffii human ACE2 CAT (methanol inducible) ZeoR secreted In development (mg/L)
#9 Komagataella phaffii LacZ CAT (methanol inducible) ZeoR intracellular On request (mg/L)

Expression level refers to cultivation in shake flask.


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