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Spider silk, collagen, transferrin, whey protein, reductase, laccase and many more enzyme producing strains.

Strain collection

Strain number Background strain Strain name Promoter Antibiotic resistance Protein product Expression level
#1 Komagataella phaffii SARS-COV2-RBD CAT (methanol inducible) ZeoR secreted 50 (mg/L)
#2 Komagataella phaffii Proteinase K CAT (methanol inducible) ZeoR secreted NEW (mg/L)
#4 Komagataella phaffii HRP CAT (methanol inducible) ZeoR secreted 10 (mg/L)
#5 Komagataella phaffii SpG-HRP CAT (methanol inducible) ZeoR secreted 10 (mg/L)
#9 Komagataella phaffii LacZ CAT (methanol inducible) ZeoR intracellular On request (mg/L)

Expression level refers to cultivation in shake flask. IP restrictions for commercial use of target proteins might apply. NO RESALE of strains.