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Sparkalis, the FoodTech Investment Fund, Invests in myBIOS

February 2nd, 2024 – Sparkalis, the FoodTech investment fund that focuses on innovative technologies to create a healthier and better world, proudly announces its strategic seed investment in myBIOS, a pioneering startup in precision fermentation technology. The collaboration marks a significant step towards transforming innovative ideas into successful realities, with a shared commitment to building a healthier and better 'food print' for present and future generations across the globe.

Claudia Rinnofner, CEO of myBIOS, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “For us, this is more than a cash investment. With Sparkalis, we found an experienced and active partner providing us technological insight and access to a client base enabling the implementation of our innovative solutions. It allowed us to sharpen our focus, and we will now drive all our energies into further developing our Pichia pastoris precision fermentation platform for applications in the food and feed industry.”

Paul Baisier, Board Member of Sparkalis, emphasized the strategic significance of the investment, saying, “myBIOS aligns seamlessly with our mission to support startup founders and business-driven entrepreneurs. The precision fermentation technology they are pioneering has immense potential to revolutionize the food and feed industry. We are not just investing capital but also offering our expertise to ensure the success of myBIOS in achieving its goals.”

Filip Arnaut, Managing Director of Sparkalis, commented, “We are thrilled to partner with myBIOS on this exciting journey. Their vision to become FOOD CHANGEMAKERS resonates with Sparkalis’ commitment to investing in innovative solutions for a sustainable future. We believe in the transformative power of precision fermentation, and through this partnership, we aim to enable a healthier and better footprint for today’s and tomorrow’s generations.”

myBIOS has already made significant strides in 2024. Claudia Rinnofner revealed, “Together with Sparkalis, we are committed to propelling the growth of precision fermentation projects. This investment allows us to intensify our efforts, expanding our capabilities to provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients. We are not only looking to advance our technology but also exploring avenues to attract new customers and additional investments.”

The focus for myBIOS in 2024 includes the implementation of an automated protein production platform, with plans to extend on-demand protein production services through an online interface enabling customized tool and scale selection. The company also intends to invest in process development and production facilities to accompany customers from strain to product. As both companies embark on this collaborative journey, the strategic partnership between Sparkalis and myBIOS is poised to shape the future of precision fermentation, contributing to a sustainable and innovative food and feed industry.

About Sparkalis:

Sparkalis is a dynamic and forward-thinking FoodTech investment fund dedicated to fostering innovation and driving positive change in the global food industry. Committed to supporting visionary startup founders and entrepreneurs, Sparkalis invests in cutting-edge solutions that have the potential to reshape the landscape of the food industry. With a focus on transformative technologies and strategic partnerships, Sparkalis strives to be a catalyst for progress in creating a healthier, more sustainable and innovative future for the entire food ecosystem.

Picture (left to right): Claudia Rinnofner (CEO, myBIOS), Paul Baisier (Board Member Sparkalis), Filip Arnaut (Managing Director, Sparkalis).