myBIOS platform

Recent expiration of basic patents and the availability of license-free tools to overcome hurdles in protein production opened new possibilities for using yeasts as chassis for recombinant protein production. For protein production we use yeasts such as Pichia pastoris or Hansenula polymorpha, which are efficient alternatives for recombinant protein production combining the simplicity of bacterial expression systems with some essential features of higher eukaryotic hosts.

We use yeasts for the production of our proteins

Komagataella pastoris

CBS704 (NRRL Y-1603)

Komagataella phaffii

CBS2612 (NRRL Y-7556), CBS7435 (NRRL Y-11430)

Pichia angusta

CBS7073 (NRRL Y-2214), CBS4732 (NRRL Y-5445)


We can build on over 15 years of experience in toolbox development and gene expression using Pichia pastoris to overcome hurdles in recombinant protein production. We adopt available technology to our needs and evaluate innovative new strategies for the expression of our proteins.


Novel synthetic pPpT5_Alpha 2 plasmid*

*based on plasmid pPpT4 as described by


Deletion of the Pichia pastoris KU70 Homologue Facilitates Platform Strain Generation for Gene Expression andSynthetic Biology

Näätsaari et al., Published: June 29, 2012